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Yesterday’s Classics-Amazing!

Are you a book lover? Do you wish your house had a room like in Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” when she sees that library? Floor to ceiling-ALL the way around, bookcases. THAT is my dream room! Well, if you can relate just a little bit to my love for books, please read on.
I was so blessed to be on the review for Yesterday’s Classics:!


If you are not familiar with their site, rush right over and check it out. And, here is what they say about themselves:

“Yesterday’s Classics is your headquarters for the best classic literature for children. We republish classic books for children from the golden age of children’s literature, the era from 1880 to 1920. Many of the titles we offer have been out of print for decades and so have been hard to find. Now your children can enjoy these books that delighted generations of children at the beginning of the twentieth century.” Here are a few examples of the books:


They sell these as actual paper books, but they also offer them in electronic formats now-in a huge bundle! You can read their description of this amazing package here:

This is the offer we received in order to review it for you: 225 titles in electronic form-either Kindle or EPUB. All of their amazing, quality children’s literature from past days when this genre was done amazingly well. There is a huge variety in the topics as well: nature, classic stories/nursery rhymes, easy reading for beginning readers, classic stories from Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, the Middle Ages, other countries, science, stories about famous Americans, stories about the early church, Shakespeare for children, and so much more! Please, click that offer link above and read all of the details-you will be overwhelmed. And, between now and May 31st, Yesterday’s Classics is offering this to you for just $99.99. That is a wonderful savings off of their regular price of $149.99. If you purchased these as actual paper books, you would spend over $2,000.00. And, of course, these don’t take up any shelf space in your house-which my husband loves because we have a very small house. :o)

So, how does it all work, you ask? Well, you have come to the right person, because I was not into e-readers or anything before this review came along. But after I saw it, I began studying/reading up on the Kindle and a bit on the Nook. They seemed easy enough to understand, and so I decided to take the plunge and make a choice. I personally chose the Kindle, but, this is not, again, not a review of which e-reader you should buy. That is completely your choice. YC makes it very easy to use either one; you just have to pick the correct format when you are ordering this download set. If you have the actual Kindle, you choose that download, but, if you have ANY other device, including devices that have Kindle apps, you have to choose the EPUB format. They explain it very well in their offer, and through the website. After you choose and pay, some of your files will be instructions on how to use e-readers and download your books to them. So, for the rest of my review, I am going to talk about using the Kindle format on my PC, since my Kindle is somewhere hiding in our house until Sunday. ;o)

It was incredibly easy to download the books/files into my Kindle app. Again, YC’s file walked me right through it, and in no time at all, I was excitedly reading my first title.

Once I had my books on my device, I started looking them over. The covers are beautifully done-original artwork comes through so well. And, in each title that did have pictures, they are clear and easy to see. I felt like they are beautifully done and keep the old-fashioned look of the original, but it is right there on my computer-the best of both worlds, so to speak. 

And, how am I using them? Well, so far, I have been reading one aloud to my children: “The Odyessy for Children” by Alfred J. Church, which coincides with our history at the moment. And, next week, when my files become portable, I plan on having my youngest, who is in Kindergarten, start with the Primer reader. It has darling pictures and I know he will be eager to read it daily. There are also mid-level readings for my 2nd and 4th grader, and what a joy it will be to hand the Kindle to my 6th grader and say, here, you want to stay up later than the others, choose one of these books to read for an hour. Win-win for both of us there.

There are so many reasons why I am loving this entire set, but one of the main ones, at this moment, is that I am already able to plan specific reading into next year’s curriculum. We will be studying Ancient Rome through the Reformation and I am again, overwhelmed at the wealth of titles that belong between those two time periods. YC has saved me a bundle on time and money searching and collecting quality reading materials for my family for next year. I am beyond thankful for that.

And, now, lest you non-homeschooling families think that these would not be for you, please think again. Classic, quality children’s books are for everyone! You can have, at your fingertips, wonderful stories for your own children, at any time-anywhere. Take them to doctor’s appointments, while you wait in line at the driver’s license office, on long car trips, and on vacation so that you and your family always have stories to share together. What great memories you will make-and those are absolutely priceless.

Thank you, Yesterday’s Classics for providing my family with this wonderful compilation of literature; we will use and enjoy them for years to come!

To see what my crewmates thought as well, click here:

Disclaimer: I received this material free of charge in exchange for my honest review and opinion. No other compensation was received.


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